5 u.s companies badly affected by recession

5 U.S Companies Badly Affected by Recession

As the S&P 500 has bad rates for the recession for the very first time since 2017, some giant names that justify most of the responsibility. Economic consequences from the second quarter did show that the earnings for S&P 500 SPX,  is -0.16%  which works for dropping of the second quarter consecutively, a new trend was mentioned as an earnings recession. The profits did fall from 0.40% in second quarter of the financial year, which was Read More


according to new studies owning a dog is associated with longer life

According to New Studies Owning a Dog is Associated with Longer Life

If you are a dog owner, then this is probably news for you. New researches have claimed about possible health benefits of having a dog. If two further studies considered, those were conducted by the American Heart Association, then owning a dog increases your chances of living longer. And especiallyRead More

9 healthy foods are cheaper to buy and are effortless to make.

9 Healthy foods are cheaper to buy and are effortless to make.

One of the two obstacles that prevent individuals from eating healthy is that it is costly, and takes too much time. While it is true that our food system is designed and structured in such a way that makes the junk food cheaper than the healthy one, although there are quite a few healthy products tRead More