1000 Google Employees Signed petition for Company to Reduce Carbon Emissions

1000 Google Employees Signed petition for Company to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Around thousand Google staffs are openly opposed to their employers’ contribution to climate transformation which includes an assurance to zero discharges of greenhouse gases by the time 2029. The petition was issued after urging employers to reduce the industry’s impact on climate transformation, driven by the growing movement of technology workers. In September 2019, thousands of employees from about 12 major technology firms, including Google Read More


lotus pharmaceuticals launch a generic version of navelbine softgel capsule in europe

Lotus Pharmaceuticals Launch a Generic Version of Navelbine Softgel Capsule in Europe

Lotus Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Alvogen has launched generic drug Vinorelbine in Europe. The Vinorelbine soft capsule is available in three dosage forms. This includes 20 mg, 30 mg, and 80 mg. The product is a generic version of Navelbine Softgel capsule which is a registered product of PierrRead More

100 infected & 4 dead from legionnaires outbreak at hot tub display

100 Infected & 4 Dead From Legionnaires Outbreak At Hot Tub Display

More than 94 people have been hospitalized after being diagnosed with Legionnaires. Four people have already lost their lives due to a severe outbreak of the disease. The illness has been traced back to a hot tub display in the state fair in North Carolina. North Carolina Department of Health and HuRead More