100 infected & 4 dead from legionnaires outbreak at hot tub display

100 Infected & 4 Dead From Legionnaires Outbreak At Hot Tub Display


More than 94 people have been hospitalized after being diagnosed with Legionnaires. Four people have already lost their lives due to a severe outbreak of the disease. The illness has been traced back to a hot tub display in the state fair in North Carolina. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has reported around 133 cases of Legionnaires so far. Everyone caught the disease after stopping by the hot tub display at North Carolina State fair. The state fair, which took place between 6 to 15 September is said to be the common link among Legionnaires patients.

Legionnaires is a deadly form of Pneumonia. The disease spreads when people breathe in the bacteria called Legionella from water drippings or mist. Legionella mostly originates in the moist condition such as pools, plumbing stations, or hot tubs. Hot tubs are more prone to carry the bacteria if not sanitized properly. The virus can survive in the moist air surrounding the hot tub display. Legionella is not transmitted by person to person contact. It is more dangerous for elderly people and former smokers who have a weak immune system. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has collected water samples from Hot tubs, which were on display at the state fair. They have found one of the samples positive for Legionnaires.

Few people have also been diagnosed with Pontiac fever after attending the fair. Pontiac fever is not as dangerous as Legionnaires. It is a less severe version of Legionella Pneumonia. It typically affects people for a couple of days. Muscle aches, fever, chills, shortness of breath and coughing are common symptoms of the disease. The illness can be treated with antibiotics. There was a massive Legionnaires outbreak which originated at a hotel in Atlanta in August. Health officials tagged it as one of the worst largest Legionnaires outbreak ever in the state. Authorities are taking every possible measure to control the situation in the region this time.

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