1000 Google Employees Signed petition for Company to Reduce Carbon Emissions

1000 Google Employees Signed petition for Company to Reduce Carbon Emissions


Around thousand Google staffs are openly opposed to their employers’ contribution to climate transformation which includes an assurance to zero discharges of greenhouse gases by the time 2029. The petition was issued after urging employers to reduce the industry’s impact on climate transformation, driven by the growing movement of technology workers. In September 2019, thousands of employees from about 12 major technology firms, including Google & Amazon staffs to cope with a broader range of global climate change.

Now, the new letter from Google staff is putting constant pressure on search giants to change business performs that would cause climate transformation. Google said it has been a carbon-free company since the year 2008 and has invested more and more in energy such as wind and solar. But opponents say that carbon offsets don’t solve the root cause of the problem. They think technology companies like Google, Amazon need to decrease releases at the beginning, instead of buying ways to get rid of environmental responsibility, and stop with fossil fuel companies and stop refusing politics donations from politicians. In Mid-September, when Google employees participated in the climate change raid, they criticized the company as saying it was supporting sustainable development while funding representatives who did not meet these goals. Employees wrote that in 2018, the company-sponsored 110 members of Congress who had at least 92% of their time voting against climate legislation. They also pin-pointed out that the license of Google Cloud uses their business talents, mechanism learning, and infrastructure to remains fuel companies to help them extract fuel funds, which they believe runs counter to established values.

The demands signed by the google employees are: Zero discharges by the year 2030, Zero agreements to allow or speed up the withdrawal of relic fuels, zero capital to be funded for climate-denying or -suspending think boilers, lobbyists, and officials, zero partnership with individuals enabling the custody, surveillance, dislocation, or repression of immigrants or front societies. Google employees who sorted out the petition said they were inspired by Amazon employees who led technical workers to the global climate change strike. It is still unclear whether this letter will prompt Google executives to commit more formally to the timetable.

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