12.5 billion years old galaxy discovered, named Cosmic Yeti

12.5 billion years old galaxy discovered, named Cosmic Yeti


Scientists and astronomers have always been curious about what lies beyond the visible galaxies. It is speculated that there exist monster galaxies whose size exceeds far beyond one’s imaginations. It’s all believed to be folklore by astronomers worldwide. Astronomers in Australia and the US proved it wrong when they spotted a gargantuan galaxy from the dawn of the universe. This galaxy was named as the Cosmic Yeti.

The galaxy was named so because the scientists accidentally came across this galaxy like one would find yeti footprints. Cosmic Yeti’s signals took more than 12.5 billion years to travel to earth, according to a research study published by The Astrophysical Journal. Christina Williams, the lead author of this study was the first person to notice the Cosmic Yeti in the observations by the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) telescope in Chile. She noticed that it was a faint blob of light in these observations. This light was not associated with any of the surrounding galaxies, concluded Williams. She is a postdoctoral fellow at Steward Observatory. She said that the galaxy was invisible at any other wavelength. According to her, the galaxy might have been hidden by clouds of dust.

Experts suggest that the light was emitted by the formation of numerous stars in the galaxy. This warm glow remained hidden because of large dust clouds making the galaxy almost invisible. According to Mr. Ivo Labbe, Cosmic Yeti has as many stars as the milky way, but the rate of star formation is way faster as compared to that of the milky way. Its 100 times faster than that of the milky way, hence it glows so much. Mr. Ivo Labbe is the co-author of this research study. He is from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. This discovery is groundbreaking for the scientist community as it opens new doors for research. This study will help us understand the secret of galaxy formation.

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