3 Pack Of Supreme Oreo Cookies Have Customers Who Are Willing To Pay $17000

3 Pack Of Supreme Oreo Cookies Have Customers Who Are Willing To Pay $17000


Anything that can get sold online is the saying which is popularised by internet marketers, but after looking at today’s story, one would unquestionably believe in it. Recently Orea released a brand new edition of its cookie by partnering with New York-based fashion brand company Supremo. This unique cookie which is known as Supreme Oreo cookie is nothing but a limited edition of a red and white sandwich. This cookie has the Supreme brand written on it along with red colour which makes it more consumable than any other ordinary cookies in the market.

Even though the original price of these fabulous cookies are not that much, some smart customers are trying to use the brand’s name to resell it. On eBay people have found to be listing these red and white cookies of Supreme Oreo listed for a whopping price of $17000 which has got only three packs of cookies in it. One seller found this idea and listed “rare” supreme Oreo three packs cookie for a price of $87 which later on got the highest bid of $17199.

Another seller on eBay found to be selling the same item for $4000, which might be surprising for general readers but not for those who went on to place a bid for it. It was quite interesting to see how other proposals ranging from $17 to $14900. When reporters asked these big barns about the collaboration, both of which refused to give any public comment but soon they are expected to release a statement. It’s not new to witness a buzz around Supreme because since it was founded in 1994, people gathered around it to purchase the merchandise from this brand. Supreme’s collaboration Oreo is also going to be helpful for the company since it’s going to increase the market presence of these companies.

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