40 schools are getting closed in Colorado due to the unusual spread of contagious stomach bug

40 schools are getting closed in Colorado due to the unusual spread of contagious stomach bug


A school district in Colorado recently has stated that a venerable illness outbreak has forced the temporary closure of all schools in this zone. In a statement posted on the website on this Wednesday, the Mesa Country Valley School District 51, that is the 14th largest in Colorado with more than 22,000 students, has declared that it was closing its more than 40 schools until after Thanksgiving break due to unusual spread of contagious gastrointestinal illness. According to the declaration, the closure that was compelled after more than a dozen schools started reporting an upper than normal amount of absences is also unheard, as the district has never closed before all schools in the area due to illness.

Tayna Marvin, who is the D51 nursing coordinator, gave a statement saying that they are taking this highly unusual action as this virus is extremely contagious and spreading quickly across the schools. Moreover, it appears that there is a second, related virus that is affecting students, and some of them have been ill in recent weeks already. The combination of the two has formed an unheard spread of illness. The school district officials have said about the symptoms for both the viruses, which include vomiting, appear extremely fast. The second symptom related to the virus has also caused fever in several causes. The particular illness that is making the students sick. In a statement, Mesa County Public Health Officials have said that the virus is acting a lot like norovirus. Norovirus is a gastrointestinal illness that is sometimes called the winter vomiting bug. It typically causes stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and it spreads quickly.

A common way the virus is remitted is through close contact with an infected person. This virus spreads either directly or indirectly, such as sharing a bathroom, a dorm room, or another pleasant space. Following to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cruise ships, nursing homes, schools are the most commonly reported settings for norovirus outbreaks.

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