9 healthy foods are cheaper to buy and are effortless to make.

9 Healthy foods are cheaper to buy and are effortless to make.


One of the two obstacles that prevent individuals from eating healthy is that it is costly, and takes too much time. While it is true that our food system is designed and structured in such a way that makes the junk food cheaper than the healthy one, although there are quite a few healthy products that are both cheap and are effort less in the kitchen.

These are the products which can be brought from the store at a cheaper rate,1. Hummus- Hummus are healthy and are available at low cost in the market. Hummus provides roughly 170 calories for 100 grams, and is excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, and several dietary minerals.2. Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt, costs about $1.19, and is definitely cost-effective than buying milk and the necessary bacteria culture.3.Guacamole-With the increasing cost of avocados, a pre-made guacamole is a better option and also it can be preserved and used for a few more days.4.Salad Dressing-Many a times its cost effective to purchase already made salad dressings and also they last longer.5.Tzatiki- purchasing a readymade tzatiki can save almost double the cost than homemade one. 6. Almond Milk-Instead of purchasing almond and milk separately which can cost more, the almond milk is far cheaper.7. Nut Butter- peanut or almond butter is often cheaper to buy than to make.8. Pho-Pho is nourishing, is collagen-rich broth and contains fiber-rich veggies. It’s cheap to buy in the store. 9.Sun Dried Tomatoes-Sun dried tomatoes can be used in salads, grain dishes, sandwiches, and more.

There are various benefits of eating healthy food such as weight loss can be done by eating these healthy foods, diabetes can managed, memory can improve, we can get strong bones and teeth by eating healthy, heart can stay healthy. Also, good sleep is advantage of healthy food.

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