alert for some chinese medicine in europe

Alert for some Chinese medicine in Europe


Traditional treatments are expected to cure insomnia and acne. A secret cancer treatment that is unnoticed or blocked by Western medicine. The history of claims by Chinese medicine practitioners has been long-standing, especially in terms of fertility and fertility, and the demand for tiger penis and rhinoceros’ horns has destroyed wild populations. There are exaggerated and false claims in all branches of medicine, but European doctors worry that the unconfirmed claims of TCM as a scorpion are being spread through social media with the unintentional assistance of the World Health Organization.

Two leading scientific and medical institutions in Europe said that WHO has legalized all forms of Chinese medicine by including Chinese medicine in the forthcoming International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Issues (ICD). Earth. Incorporation of Chinese medicine may lead some people to regard it as the legalization of an unfounded claim. The European Commission of Scientific Advisers (EASAC) and the European Federation of Medical Associations (FEAM) warned in a joint statement month. There is growing concern that people who use the Internet to seek home remedies can be seriously injured. For example, black ointment claims to treat a tumor but it burns the body and can cause death.

Mr. George Griffin, who is a professor of infectious diseases and medicine at St. George, University of London. Both said that social media is now making it easy for people to master Immoral people who want to trade these products can easily put. One of the basic principles defining TCM is that life energy or qi circulates via different channels in the body that connect various organs and functions. Chinese medicine such as cupping, herbal remedies, acupuncture that seeks to trigger these channels or balance someone’s anger. A comprehensive review of drugs and health products sold in Chinese medicine labels in Hong Kong last year found that many medications are seriously harmed by adulteration and may have serious side effects.

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