amazon has entered into the mobile world with the launch of echo buds, frames and loop

Amazon Has Entered Into The Mobile World With The Launch Of Echo Buds, Frames And Loop


Amazon is entering into the mobile world with the recent launch of Echo Buds at Amazon’s annual product launch event held at Amazon Seattle Headquarters. Amazon, along with the fantastic Echo Buds, has launched a few more products on this Wednesday. As usual, Amazon has made some updates to Echo speaker line, but you’ll get a new series of devices that are developed for users to carry Alexa, a voice assistant of Amazon, anywhere they want. When you tap the side of the earbuds twice, you get Alexa telling you that noise reduction is on. The VP of Amazon Smart Home, Daniel Rausch, mentioned during the launch that they’ve received the feedback from thousands of customers that they want to carry Alexa with them, instead of letting it sit idle indoors. After this feedback, Amazon has launched Echo Buds for $130, Echo Frames – smart glasses for $180, and a $130 Echo Loop ring for the consumers.

On top of that, Amazon has joined the automotive corporations like General Motors, Ford and Toyota. That means, soon you will get Alexa integrated into GMC, Cadillac and Chevrolet from next year. Right now, Amazon has decided to ship the Buds during the time of holidays. Loop and Frames are invite-only for now, as Amazon wants to run it under an experimental program called Day 1 Edition.

This series of new products is a big move by Amazon, as it takes Alexa from managing merely homes of users to their lives by integrating with devices like earbuds, cars, glasses, and around fingers. Those who want to carry Alexa with them all the time can buy any of these gadgets. Amazon will be able to integrate into the daily lives of its consumers, fulfil their demands quickly. Not only that, it will be able to compete with giants like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Amazon has already acquired a large consumer base in smart speaker market of the US, almost 70% of smart speakers in the homes are Echo devices, followed by 25% Google Home and remaining 5% from Apple.

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