american brands have boycotted in china’s singles’ day

American Brands have boycotted in China’s Singles’ Day


U.S brand could see a major boycott at the world’s biggest shopping event China’s single Day due to the trade war between China and U.S. The United states- China war is an ongoing economic conflict between the world’s two biggest economies. Trade war has not only impacted these countries the economies but to the world economies. Singles’ Day takes place in China on 11 of November every year. The Chinese consumer said they would think once before buying U.S brand during the event of Singles Day.

American Company has expected some trouble due to the consequences of the U.S –China trade war on consumer opinions. As per the independent survey, 78 percent of Chinese consumers are showing national loyalty as they become more delicate to any apparent slight on their culture amid a multi- year’s trade conflict between China –U.S. The world-leading firms are looking to China for their future growth, the consumers have held them up to scrutiny. Single’s Day is e huge event, and sales are in billion $ in a day. It is considering biggest than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

It was launched a decade ago by E-commerce behemoth Alibaba as a celebration by consumers for being single. Every year the event has turned to big billion days for companies across the economies. In the last year 2018, the net sale from Singles Day was more than $30 billion in just 24 hours. Besides. The U.S companies may have expected this impact on their business this year owing to the trade war. As per the survey was done by Alixpatners LLC. The Chinese shoppers will rethink on the purchase from American products due to national loyalty object. And this will hurt brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tapestry Inc., Capri Holdings, Apple, and Tiffany & Co. despite trade war, consumers on big cities in China are expected to spend 54 percent in the event.

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