Google's Co-Founder Larry page Is Secretly Giving Funds To Develop Universal Flu Vaccine

Google’s Co-Founder Larry page Is Secretly Giving Funds To Develop Universal Flu Vaccine


When it comes to flu or influenza-related illnesses, big organizations are trying to find a cure for it by making a universal flu vaccine. Recent reports Rshows that Google’s co-founder Larry Page is indirectly helping many children in Oakland by giving them free of cost flu vaccine to fight this disease. Larry Page had found to be providing funding from his charitable company to kindergarten and elementary school children who are suffering from influenza or related diseases.

Larry Page is taking efforts to make sure these kids get vaccines free of cost, and the organization which is doing it is getting reimbursement from Page’s foundation. Shoo The Lab is the first company under the control of Larry Page, which is giving these free flu shots to children, and this initiative started in 2014. However, this is not the first time when Larry Page has begun contributing to fighting flu disease. He has founded a second company named Flu Lab, which is giving indirect contributions to Melinda and Gates foundation for the same reason.

Larry Page, along with his wife, used to give direct contributions to Melinda and Gates foundation, but that got replaced by the second company Flu Lab. Flu Lab is reportedly funding another non-profit company called Sabin Vaccine Institute, which is trying to find out the cure for influenza. The funding to the Sabin group started in 2018, and so far, the right amount of funding had given to this organization. Shoo The Flu and Flu Lab are currently might be different companies, but soon Shoo The Lab will be running under the later company’s name. Larry page’s this contribution is the ultimate indication that billionaires like him will have to step forward to fight against this illness, not in the USA but also the whole world.

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