Intel Launched a New RealSense Lidar Camera in the RealSense Camera Lineup

Intel Launched a New RealSense Lidar Camera in the RealSense Camera Lineup


Today, Intel launched the new RealSense L515 Lidar camera that will now be the latest addition to RealSense camera lineup from the company. It’s not a regular Optical camera, but the Lidar camera. The camera is the size of a tennis ball and is designed for the logistics warehouse monitoring purpose. It works by creating the artificial image of the area it is scanning and creates multiple depth points. The camera is also useful in the Retail, 3D Scanning, Healthcare and Robotics industries.

According to the company, RealSense L515 camera is capable of creating the point cloud of the surrounding area with the speed of million depth points per second, which is impressive. Due to this rate of updating the depth points, the camera will provide unmatched accuracy and will soon be the favourite gadget in the industrial scene. The RealSense L515 Lidar camera has an approximate range of 0.25 to 9 meters for accurate pixel printing. With the estimated 23 million pixels per second, it creates the image with the resolution of 1024 x 768 at 30 frames per second. Additionally, it has the internal vision processor, motion blur artefact reduction and short photon-to-depth latency.

The camera is of the size of a tennis ball, which makes it portable. Also, it only consumes 3.5 watts of power, which makes it extremely energy efficient and can run for a long time on the DC power supply. Unlike the other Lidar cameras used for Depth sensing, this camera does not require any calibration, as it comes calibrated out of the box. The users will have to calibrate the personalized settings to make it work according to the environment. This Lidar camera is handy in the Logistics industry and will also be useful in the VR and AR industry in coming days.

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