nasa found vikram lander impact site

NASA Found Vikram Lander Impact Site


India’s Moon Lander mission abruptly gone wrong, as the Vikram lander and rover lost the contact with Chandrayan-2 Probe seconds before the soft landing on the lunar surface. The authorities from the Indian Space Research Organization and NASA were working on to find the same. Unfortunately, the lighting conditions were not good on the lunar surface, so there was no luck finding it from last two months. But now, NASA has declared that they have found the crash landing impact site of the Vikram Lander on the Lunar Surface.

The powerful cameras of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter were used to spot the crash landing site of the Vikram Lander. Fortunately, the orbiter was able to capture the expected crash site of the Vikram lander. The lander had the hard landing on the surface as it crashed after losing the direction while descending on the surface. In the captured image, we can see the impact crater and the debris of the crashed lander. The team at the Indian Space Research Organization tried to contact the Vikram lander using the high-frequency radio waves for a few days after everyone lost the hope.

The mission was the second iteration of the CHandrayan mission, which was the first mission that discovered the water on the Moon. But with the Vikram landers, abrupt descend crash, it was considered as the big blow to the Indian lunar mission. ISRO claimed that the main payload, which is Chandrayan-2 Orbiter, is orbiting the Moon without any issues and the Vikram lander was the experimental program. As of now, there are only two comparison pictures of the crater available publically. NASA and ISRO will soon release the more pictures that will provide a clearer view of the crash site.

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