Now Google Photos Will Let You Zoom In On Videos Also

Now Google Photos Will Let You Zoom In On Videos Also


Google Photos is that application that is used by millions of people to store their local device photos on the cloud without any hustle. However, there is a new update made by the company in the latest android update, which now lets users zoom in on videos also. Earlier users couldn’t zoom in on video, but it seems like Google has finally listened to the demand of users. This new feature was found out by XDA that shows in the latest version of Google Photos users have gotten the ability to zoom in on videos.

People usually don’t stream videos using Google Photos, but those who used to do there is excellent news for them. If one looks carefully, then in the current version of Google Photos, it does not support pinch to zoom gestures while playing a video. However, such a drawback will now get changed in the latest android update, and it seems like people are already excited about it.

Even though this new addition is excellent, but it’s not useful for many videos. If a user has recorded videos, then it can be helpful too; otherwise, there is no specific use of it. Those people who like to record videos of being at a concert or any great program can use this feature to see what’s happening. However, for other videos, it might not be that useful, yet people who love to capture a screenshot will have a more significant advantage of this new feature. It’s still unclear why Google has taken so much time to make such changes when other media players are already giving such a facility. It’s not officially declared when zoom in on videos feature will be made available to users because right now, it’s under testing, so users will have to wait for some time for sure.

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