Study Reveals Moon Owned Magnetic Field A Billion Years Ago

Study Reveals Moon Owned Magnetic Field A Billion Years Ago


A new study has revealed the Moon once had its magnetic field. The lunar magnetic field was similar to that of Earth’s, but it disappeared a billion years ago. The study was conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. It said Moon’s magnetic field might have been strong than Earth’s. According to scientists, Moon was a lot closer to the Earth four billion years ago. But as the Moon moved away, its magnetic field started to weaken. Its core hardened and the magnetic field phased away entirely. Scientists believe the Moon’s magnetic field was twice as strong as the magnetic field of Earth.

Four billion years ago, When Moon was close to Earth, the planet helped its natural satellite to maintain its magnetic field. Earth’s gravitational field was applied on Moon causing to move unsteadily from side to side. It stirred up liquid including the iron within in Moon’s core. MIT professor Banjamin Weiss said Moon’s magnetic field was powered in an Earth-like way. A magnetic field is a region around a magnet within which the magnetism principle works. On Earth, it is something that protects solar winds from ripping the ozone layer. Similarly, the Moon had its shield against the Sun. But it died somewhere between 1.5 and 1 billion years ago.

The study said electric currents on Moon were generated by its dynamo. The currents were basically a result of the movement of iron. This caused volcanic eruptions and strengthened the magnetic field of the Moon. But this was short-lived on the Moon as it moved away from Earth. Around 2.5 billion years ago, Moon’s core started to crystallize. When the lunar core began hardening, it started losing the magnetic field. When the core was hardened completely, there was nothing left to generate a magnetic field. The Moon was then left defenseless against the destructive attack of the Sun. The magnetic field then disappeared entirely. Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. Also, it is the fifth-largest satellite in the solar system.

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