A Report Shows Sony Is Planning An Event FOr PS5 In February

A Report Shows Sony Is Planning An Event FOr PS5 In February


Everyone was expecting a glimpse of Sony’s PS5 at CES event 2020, but that did not happen, and now reports show the gaming console making company might hold its main event next month. Back in 2013, Sony launched the PS4 in New York City with a big event called “PlayStation meeting,” and it’s expected that something like this would happen again in February. Everyone was expecting a grand launch of PS5 during CES 2020 event, but that did not happen, and now people are expecting something good from Sony.

Every year sony held Destination Playstation event, which is like an annual meeting of the etch company. In this meeting, it invites its distributors, marketers, retailers and makes plans for how they are going to achieve their target during the respective year. Usually, this meeting conducted during February and now exerts are speculating that Sony will use this mega event to launch much-anticipated PS5.

A report shows Sony is planning to skip Electronic Entertainment Expo this year also, so the question arises where does it going to reveal PS5?. Except for some features and design, no one knows what Sony is planning with its biggest gaming console. Some believe it’s because of the competition from Xbox that Sony is thinking of delivering some of the biggest gaming console launch event. PS5 will be the successor of PS4, so the company might not want to get any risk here. Experts speculated this before that Sony is planning to hold another PlayStation meeting ahead of PAX East and GDC. Still, one can expect to see a real launch of PS5 in February at Sony’s annual meeting, and if the reports come true, then fans should get ready to see some new announcement along with this new gaming console.

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