nih researches found an effective solution for treating patients with seizures

NIH researches found an effective solution for treating patients with seizures


National Institute of Health (NIH) revealed three drugs for the severe condition of the brain called a seizure. Doctors said that these drugs are more effective in treating this condition in an emergency. A seizure is a condition in which brain activities are abnormal and uncontrolled. It may cause severe behavioral changes, feelings, loss of consciousness, or and lead to epilepsy. The study says that any brain injury, trauma, or a brain tumor may cause a seizure. Children and adults with age group (1-26) years are mostly affected by seizures. Medicine given at the initial phase of this abnormal brain condition is Benzodiazepines drug.

Anticonvulsant or Antiepileptic drugs like Levetiracetam, fosphenytoin, and valproate are most commonly used by doctors to treat patients with seizures. These drugs act in different ways in the patient’s body by controlling ion channels in cells that alter electrical activity in the brain. State Epileptic Treatment Trial was carried out on 380 children suffering from seizures to study which of these drugs is more effective. They were asked to intake antiepileptic drugs and see the results within 60 min. Results showed that children with levetiracetam, fosphenytoin, and valproate intake group benefited 47%, 45%, and 46%, respectively. This analysis concluded that drugs are effective and equally safe to cure brain seizures.

A study found that there is a need to do more additional research on ant seizure drugs for people that are not responding to these drugs. These severe seizures, if not treated, may lead to brain damage or death. Doctors say that patients should take anticonvulsant drugs three to four times a day. To avoid epilepsy, one should avoid eating overcooked foods, overripe fruits or processed foods, high sugar drinks, etc. According to Dr. Silbergleit, drugs are not enough to treat patients. It also depends on the doctor’s way of treatment and the dose of drugs required. Antiepileptic drugs do not cure epilepsy but prevent the number of seizures. Surgery is also another option to cure seizures by removing a part of the brain that causes seizures.

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